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Commercial Maintenance

American Air Systems offers Preventive Maintenance Service Agreements for all manufacturers of boilers, chillers and packaged rooftop equipment.

This agreement will include maintenance inspections to help prevent breakdowns, maintain efficiency, lengthen equipment life and lower utility costs.

Maintenance services will include the inspection and adjustment of the following:

  • All moving parts
  • Condensate pans and drains lines
  • Efficient operation of all covered equipment
  • Valves, pumps and regulators
  • Suction, oil and discharge pressures
  • Leak testing
  • Oil pressure and condenser controls
  • Motor bearings
  • Fan bearings
  • Fran drive alignments
  • Intake screen and dampers
  • Exhaust fans
  • Thermostats
  • Electric heat operation
  • Voltage and amperage
License# 13VH01073200 and ​#19HC00266300

Heating & Cooling

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