Generator maintenance is critical in preventing downtime and is performed according to manufacturer recommended intervals.

We provide maintenance for the following:

  • Generator Sets
  • Industrial Diesels
  • Fire Pump Engines
  • Marine Diesels
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  •  Rental Generator Set Support

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License# 13VH01073200 and ​#19HC00266300

Annual Inspection Plan

Our annual inspection plan is a preventative maintenance diagnostic that evaluates the condition of your power generator. All plans may be customized to fit your needs.  We visually inspect the fluid levels, battery condition, air inlet piping, exhaust system, belts and hoses.  We also check for leaks and broken parts.  We will  run your generator to determine fluid pressure, circulation and condition, airflow, temperature, vibrations, noises and charging system output.  We check the frequency, voltage and grease the generator end bearing, as required by the manufacturer.

American Air Systems provides repair,  maintenance and sales of residential generators.

  • Service and Maintenance

  • Repairs and Overhauls

  • Replacement and Installation

  • Load Testing

  • Electrical

  • Fluid Analysis

  • Enclosure Modifications and Repair

  • Planned Maintenance