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Location is the Key

Locate thermostats away from cooling and heating devices but exposed to the airflow within the space to be heated and cooled.  If rooms are open to a central hallway, a single-zone thermostat may be mounted here to optimally register regulated temperatures.  Try not to close doors between the thermostat and the space to be controlled for the most accurate temperature regulation of a space.

Professional HVAC Installation

Locating the thermostat too close to the source of controlled air, such as a register or air vent, can lead to the system cycling frequently. These frequent starts and stops, in some cases, can lead to a shortened lifespan for your air conditioning and heating systems. Installing a multiple zone system is a source of vast energy savings, allowing for the individual control of separate spaces. Occupied rooms can be controlled while unoccupied areas can be turned off.  Our informed technicians can assist in determining the approximate cost and potential energy savings of such an installation.

We install Carrier, White Rodger, Honeywell...just to name a few.

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Thermostat Installation

Thermostats regulate the temperature of air conditioning and heating systems so your home or office environment maintains a desired, comfortable temperature. This is accomplished by regulating the flow of heat energy into and out of the system to create a satisfying environment for you and your family. The thermostat switches your heating and cooling systems on and off based on keeping a constant temperature with minimal variation.​

Today's needs for heating and cooling, in addition to a desire for energy efficiency in all products, lead to older styles of thermostats not providing adequate control. Most newer thermostat models are programmable, so homeowners can program preset temperature designations for various times of day and different days of the week. Less energy is used, with more money saved, because thermostats can be set to a lower threshold when the home is not occupied, like when residents are at work and school.